Why Chassis focuses on serving vertically organized agencies

October 19, 2020 | Digital Marketing Technology, Marketing

We built Chassis as a response to the challenges of doing marketing at scale in a profitable way.

Digital marketing agencies that serve small and medium businesses on one side have a huge addressable market, 30 million by the latest statistics where 89% of those have less than 20 employees however that opportunity is a challenge in itself. How do you differentiate yourself and how you grow a profitable business while serving hundreds of clients with small budgets?

As the understanding of digital marketing continues to evolve, the needs of the SMBs do too. Now, in general, SMB owners have an understanding of how Google Search works and how Facebook works, so it is no longer enough to just know Search or Facebook, owners expect that agencies understand their spaces.

Your clients trust you because you have an expertise in their industry. You understand their:

  • Inventory/Offering structure
  • Best practices for promotions
  • Audiences targeting and segmentation
  • Best performing keywords and ad copy

That knowledge is part of your differentiation, but you need to execute your expertise efficiently.

We want to ensure that you spend no time in cleanup mode. We understand that garbage in means garbage out, so we have invested the knowledge accumulated in the last seven years, to develop a very powerful and scalable template engine that will allow you to support all the needs of your vertical industry with campaign creation in no time. Chassis clients have seen decreases in campaign creation time by up to 75%.

When it comes to the ever-changing client needs such as promotions, ad copy or campaign structure improvements, we provide an impact process that will propagate those changes at scale in real-time.

Last but not least, for those actions that you need to apply based on performance, the bulk actions in Performance Metrics allow you to make bulk changes across accounts.

All this was created with a specific objective, that you can focus on developing your vertical strategies and deepen your industry knowledge with technology that supports your differentiation.

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