Chassis is an adtech automation platform that enables both SMBs and large enterprises to scale their ad offering 4X faster (than using Google or Facebook)

- Create and manage every search and social ad campaign from a single platform
- Scale the industry expertise of your top specialists
- Reinvest the time and money you save on work that matters most

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Our Story

The Need

Chassis was created out of a need to simplify the ways in which our digital marketing clients were manually creating and managing hundreds, sometimes thousands, of ads. For many marketing teams, bandwidth can be a major constraint, and without an automation tool to streamline campaign creation, scale is an uphill battle.


In 2014, TangoCode created an operational platform for a digital marketing client, generating 30% year-over-year growth. We then developed an ad-tech automation platform for a distributed marketing company, resulting in that client's successful acquisition. Finally, in 2019, we designed an automated Facebook product for a client, representing $10 million in annual revenue within the first year of its launch.


These three previously unrelated projects led us to believe that ad scalability within the digital marketing landscape was a huge problem and that automation was the key to solving it.


Chassis is the culmination of years of working in the Martech space alongside hundreds of clients – with our partners at Google and Facebook – to reduce the complexity of building and scaling quality ads with an easy-to-use interface.

The Need

Who we serve

Chassis boasts a highly flexible platform that optimizes ad build-out and performance at any volume. Whether you want to launch and manage hundreds of national campaigns in a fraction of the time or deliver a more seamless experience for your agency's book of business, Chassis is easily customizable to fit your needs.

Regardless of your use case, our platform streamlines the ad development process so you can develop more quality ads in less time and with less money.

We serve:
- Agencies
- Franchise
- Marketing Services
- Agent Resellers
- Manufacturing
- Retail / Retailers

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