How We Tango

Our clients are at the center of everything we do, and we’ve rigorously designed our process around that very principle.

We identify as custom developers rather than software developers because we know that your business is unique. As such, you need a solution that is custom fit to your specific needs. Through extensive discovery, development, testing, and refinement, we build innovative solutions that meet your needs and help you achieve your goals.


In order to determine your software needs, we want to fully understand your business and determine how software could potentially help you.


Innovation needs an actionable blueprint. For this reason, we created Inception: a proven workshop to accelerate technology decisions and the confidence to take action.


Validate your vision before building and launching. With over a dozen Design Sprints under our belt, our team with multiple skillsets will guide you through the process of creating the perfect product.


As soon as the product roadmap is finalized and the success criteria defined, we begin development.

testing & review

Our team runs daily tests on the functionality of a product as it progresses in order to ensure quality. We also continuously review the project’s status, making sure we fulfill the sprint’s set goals in order to add the most value possible.


Our scrum development process delivers functional software at the conclusion of every sprint. We’ll present you with a Minimal Valuable Product (MVP) including any new feature and/or functionality requirements.


It’s at this stage that you get to test the new functionality and provide us with any feedback or direction for the next iteration of the software. From there, we will reevaluate feature priority in regard to your immediate needs and make the necessary adjustments.


At TangoCode, we pride ourselves on our propensity for innovation. We are knowledge hungry and focus specifically on understanding the details of all of our clients’ businesses. We take pride in creating solutions that, once integrated into your business process, will help you achieve your goals. We as a company are a team and our goal is to see you succeed.


We are a 100% Agile company. As such, we get you better software, faster. The Agile process ensures that we’re always working on the features most important to you and that we deliver functional, releasable software every sprint. We work with you every step of the way to get you the software you need.


Our Nearshore development offices located in Montevideo, Uruguay and Cuenca, Ecuador, create value for our customers by increasing productivity and reducing cost. This is possible because our Montevideo office operates concurrently during business hours with our headquarters here in Chicago. Our process provides you with the best product possible and at a competitive price point. It is easy to work with us because we are working with you.

Technology That Creates Business Value

Your business goals, users, and clients are at the forefront of our process.

Diverse teams lead to higher-quality solutions

Each project is powered by a multidisciplinary team.


Teach Lead




Better results start with communication

We build trust through transparency, continuous review, and feedback throughout the entire project.