About Us

A diverse team working to solve complex problems

Our Mission

To create an integrated distributed company with a strong diverse culture that is fun, works with respect toward one another, and creates high performing teams that continuously improve agile best practices in order to create great quality products that our customers want and users like to use.

Our Values


We value diversity in all aspects: in thought, perspective, and personal background.

We believe that the nature of global and complex problems can be best solved by diversity.


We believe that there is nothing you can do just for the sake of technology — that it is all about the human experience.

We believe in a collaborative relationship with our clients. We have their back.


Using our expertise in technology and our drive for innovation to build competitive advantages for our clients.  

We strive to create the best environment for the professional growth of our teams, driven by our commitment to innovation, problem-solving, and a great client experience.

Our Story

This is far from our first Tango.

After the successful exit of our previous business, a 20-year endeavor that provided the foundation for our software expertise, we wanted to create a more nimble and agile company – one that could lead the MarTech space at the forefront of innovation. So in 2015, TangoCode was born.

Our company is the embodiment of our name.

The Tango is a dance of partnership and respect – a fast, intense collaboration stemming from a rich history of diverse people and cultures.

When you pair those foundational characteristics with Code — both a key to communication and a set of principles to live by — you get a winning combination of complex moves made sleek and effortless, all against a backdrop of accountability and excellence. 

We are a Chicago-based, women and minority-owned firm that — with the help of our Nearshore team — builds custom applications across a wide range of industries.

Our greatest strengths culminate in our clients’ competitive edge.

Simply put, we equip businesses with the tools they need to succeed. 

That’s how we Tango.