Tips For Marketers During the COVID-19 Crisis

Apr 20, 2020 | Marketing, Strategy

Our clients are companies whose value proposition includes digital marketing services, often providing Google search and Facebook advertising for SMBs. The COVID-19 crisis has forced many businesses to adjust, in some cases pausing all spending and in others shifting their messaging and objectives.

Dealing with the concerns and the changing needs of clients, in addition to adjusting to new working arrangements can feel overwhelming. While we can not change the circumstances we did put together a shortlist of 6 helpful articles ranging from how companies are adjusting their messaging to support materials for marketing professionals.

How Top Brands are Navigating COVID-19
How Top Marketers Are Navigating Advertising And Management During COVID-19

Relevant Marketing
Tips for Responsible and Smart Marketing

Marketing During COVID-19: 4 Essential Copywriting Guidelines

Facebook Advertising
Facebook Publishes New Guide on How Advertisers Should Adjust Their Ad Approaches During COVID-19

5 Tips for Advertisers
5 Things Advertisers Should Consider Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic

Support Materials from the AMA
Support Materials for Marketing Professionals During the COVID-19 Crisis

While there are many things you cannot control, like COVID-19, there are some things that you can control:

  • Preparing to support your clients in their change of strategy,
  • Becoming more efficient so you can offer clients temporarily lower rates while still protecting your business continuity.
  • Being creative about the campaigns you can create for clients to fit their current needs.

The one thing that we are able to control is the price of our ad campaign automation tool, Chassis. In response to COVID-19, we are offering Chassis, our ad campaign automation tool, for free for 2 months effective May 2020 (no credit card required) to qualified applicants. Chassis can help your team gain efficiency in delivering campaigns, in some cases a 75% improvement. Getting this time back allows your team to focus on strategy and apply creativity to meet the needs of your clients in these challenging times.

You can take advantage of the slower business pace now to get onboarded. Use Chassis for two months and in the end, you can decide if you want to continue with Chassis. We hope this offer will help you deal with the influx in business without causing any financial stress.

If you are interested in learning more you may email Bharat Walia at with any questions about the offer.