Need to automate campaign creation? No need to look further, here is why.

October 1, 2020 | Digital Marketing Technology, Marketing

When it comes down to digital marketing for Google and Facebook, creating a quality campaign with all the necessary elements is the task that takes the longest. So much so that many times as orders increase, cash flow gets delayed due to the time it takes to get campaigns up and running. The faster you can get the campaigns live, the sooner your client starts spending,  and you can start collecting. It is a win for everybody

When it comes to solving this challenge, there are many tools in the market that claim to solve the problem with automation. We hang our hat on saying that with Chassis you will create quality campaigns much faster than with MatchCraft, Kenshoo, or Marin.

Furthermore, these are the 5 top reasons why you should choose Chassis to create your Search and Facebook campaigns.

1.  Cost

Chassis is far less expensive. Our tiered pricing has been structured to be at 1% or less of your spending with a low entry point.

2.  Simplify cross-channel offerings

When offering ads on multiple channels most agencies start with running Search and Facebook Ads which means two channels, two sources of complexities, two specializations, and two different departments, right? Not with Chassis. Chassis is designed to focus on advertisers’ objectives while removing the inherent complexities of executing campaigns in each of these channels. With the simplified process, you can execute on multiple channels with one ads department instead of having two.

3.  Ease of use

Not only is Chassis far less expensive, but it is MUCH easier to use.

Both Facebook and Google offer certifications for their ad platforms due to the intricacies of each platform and the depth of knowledge required. Chassis has addressed this challenge head-on with a very intuitive user interface that offers the same flow to create Search campaigns as well as Facebook campaigns.  Regardless of how complex your campaign is, or how many hundreds of ads it will create, you create them by completing simple questions.

With this simplification, sourcing talent to grow your paid ads offering also becomes much easier to find. Therefore, creating and managing campaigns requires fewer resources and time making scaling your agency… MUCH easier.

4.  One size does not fit all

With 20+ years as a software development agency, we intimately understand that there is no such thing as one size fits all. Your differentiation is different, your offering is different. That is why we created Chassis to be extensible. If you have your own platform or your own dev team, you don’t have to build it all. Using Chassis APIs you can use all the automation that Chassis offers with none of the strings that off-the-shelf brings.

5.  Flexibility to support DIY business models

A key element for the profitability in digital marketing is efficient processes. Therefore many times this means segmenting your clients. The needs of your clients are different, and it might make sense to offer for a segment of your clients a DIY option as well as a DIFU option. Chassis is the only platform in the market that supports both models.

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