Intelligent Automation: A Better Way to Automate

July 21, 2020 | Digital Marketing Technology, Marketing

Current State Automation

Automation has taken the digital marketing world by storm. It has been a long time coming, from the first platforms that promised to help save hours for digital marketing specialists to the powerful use of AI by Google and Facebook that showed us effective uses of AI in changing campaign behavior towards objectives.

At TangoCode, we have been believers in automation since Day 1. Our mission is to enhance human life with the use of technology and therefore we are strong believers that people should not do the repetitive work that machines can do. Strategy and creativity have been the forte of the human race so performing repetitive work, like analyzing huge amounts of data to perfection, can be done by a machine.

“The Gap”

Through our seven years developing custom solutions in the digital marketing space, specifically ads, we have seen multiple tools that “help” save time, however, we have seen a gap in that “help”.

There are multiple tools that claim to optimize campaigns while in reality, they help identify errors in creating a quality campaign. Digital marketing specialists are still left to “make decisions” like adding an ad extension or negative keywords in a Google Ads Search campaign once a machine has identified them as missing. Don’t get me wrong, I do think that there is some value in having a powerful vacuum to help you clean up the dust created by a broken door, however, it is far better to fix the door.

Fixing the Automation Problem

If automation is really going to help save time, it needs to be intelligent. Why would we want to have campaigns missing their best practices and a person having to tell a machine to make obvious corrections? Ideally, the machines should create it correctly, to begin with. A machine shouldn’t just show if my CPL is too high or too low, but should also ensure my campaigns are achieving the objectives I want within the parameters I gave.

This is why we created Chassis. Chassis provides intelligent automation, to create campaigns that have best practices built-in, to have people provide only a few data points, and for the machine to do the rest. With automation like this people don’t have to review the details that a machine processed but instead answer strategic questions that will free them up to concentrate on the business impact and not in cleaning up campaigns that shouldn’t need cleanup, to begin with.

Once the campaigns are created, if changes need to be made, a person only has to edit the data points and Chassis takes those changes and updates all the relevant ones in the active campaigns. For example, if you are an agency in the automotive market and your client wants to shift their strategy to focus on a new vehicle model, all that is required is removing the previous vehicle model and selecting the new vehicle model to promote and Chassis will determine which adjustments are needed and if that means that ad groups, ads, extensions, etc. need to be created. This allows the specialist to maintain their focus on the strategic conversations instead of being in the weeds.

Similar automation gaps exist when you want to ensure you create campaigns that are compliant with your industry or when you want to create clear attribution models. You don’t want the machine to tell you that something is missing so you have to do more work but rather you want the machine to do it for you. Chassis’ Template Manager makes it easy to create industry compliant campaigns as well as providing an easy way to track your campaigns so attributions are clean in a scalable way.

Continuously Improving Automation

We are working on following the same approach to campaign creation and maintenance to optimization, by providing intelligent optimization that uses all the AI provided by Google and Facebook coupled with intelligent creativity to optimize in an automatic way towards objectives so you don’t reduce the time it takes to do mundane tasks, you eliminate them.

If our approach to automation resonates with you, I encourage you to book a Chassis demo and see if it is the right tool for your team when it comes to automating the creation of Google and Facebook ad campaigns. Additionally, if you have thoughts on the topic of intelligent automation we’d love to hear from you. We are continuously looking to improve automation for digital marketers and hearing the experiences and opinions of practitioners such as yourself.