Oct 29, 2020 | Custom Software, Strategy, Technical Blog

The Chicago Greater Food Pantry came to us a few months ago with a vision in mind – they wanted a full product that would help facilitate the great work that they do. We designed both a responsive web design and an administrative side for them to optimize connectivity and be in control of their new and improved product.

Here at TangoCode, we have a lot of great in-house talent for development and QA, but the Food Pantry already had a product team on staff. What they really needed was the expertise of a designer who could improve the user experience of their platform. That’s where they looked to us and our design-as-a-service offering. Our designer was able to create a new experience for their platform by working with the food pantry’s stakeholders to understand the vision for their platform, translating that into a design, and then communicating that to the development team that was building it.

With this service, our design expertise adds value to your product, and our ability to integrate into your development team ensures that you will get the most out of the work we do. The first sprint is where the most integral and foundationary design work is done. During this sprint, our designer is hard at work making all the user flows and UI features, which stakeholders then approve before developers begin their work.

Normally, our design services are implemented during the first two weeks of a project, but since the Food Pantry’s vision for the platform kept evolving, we spent three weeks with them focusing on the design, during which time our designer attended weekly meetings with the Product Manager from the Food Pantry and her team. Following the approval of the designs, our designer worked with their development team to ensure the successful execution of that vision.

In this case, the client knew their audience and they had users ready for testing – what they really wanted was a quality design from TangoCode that was going to function well and create a better user experience. They came ready to show us their competitors and already knew that what they were really lacking in was great UX. Their user base is not typically tech-savvy, so they needed something that was going to be high quality, intuitive, and straightforward.

Unlike our Design Sprint service, which is meant to validate an idea as well as build out a clickable prototype and test with real users, the Food Pantry was already working with a validated idea, developers who know their system and had an established user base. For these reasons, our design-as-a-service option was a perfect fit for their needs.