Capturing Revenue through Intelligent Automation

August 13, 2020 | Digital Marketing Technology, Innovation

We believe in Intelligent Automation. To demonstrate the exponential potential it offers, here is a brief overview of an Intelligent Automation solution that we built for RentPath, a leading digital marketing solutions company that empowers millions nationwide to find apartments and houses for rent. The new product, Social Ads Express, was released in 2019.

Social Ads Express™, is the rental’s industry-first and only hyper-targeted and fully automated Facebook program.

With Social Ads Express from RentPath, an ad can go live within 24 hours–on desktop and mobile–using existing creative assets, saving clients time and money. Social Ads Express uses RentPath’s first-party data to reach the ideal audience. The consumer inquiries — generated when prospective renters complete lead forms contained within the ad units — go directly to the client property’s CRM, improving attribution and efficiency.

This is how a successful intelligent automation platform works, the moment a client signs up for Social Ads Express within 24 hours ads start running in Facebook capturing leads. In addition to the accelerated delivery the campaigns are also hyper-targeted, eye-catching, and mobile-optimized.

For that to happen it requires systems to talk to each other. Using Intelligent Automation, Social Ads Express takes advantage of RentPath’s powerful first-party data, assets, and information that clients have already provided for their listing data. The result is the creation of powerful campaigns in minutes allowing RentPath to efficiently run thousands of campaigns in a hyper-targeted way saving their clients thousands of dollars. Per their calculations, a client will have to spend 12x the cost of Social Ads Express to obtain the same results.

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