A Stand Out Tool for Verticalized Marketers

September 15, 2020 | Digital Marketing Technology, Marketing

If you are a company that helps SMBs promote their business or products through ads, you know how exhilarating it is to help SMBs advance and compete, and to see your efforts translate into sales, ROI, you are making an impact and it feels good.

However, although helping SMBs feel great, it is not always easy to make it profitable. To make it profitable, it is a numbers game, you need to have lots of clients, you need to make an impact for them and you need to do it very efficiently, so you need automation. That part is simple, if you serve SMBs, you need automation to serve them well without taking huge margins and making an impact for them.

The part that is not that simple, is what type of automation you need. There are lots of automation tools. Some of them are free, some are paid, and some of them are very expensive, however, the opportunity we saw is that none of them provided a very simple, fast, and efficient way to support verticalized strategies.

A Tool for Vertical Specific Marketers

We wanted digital marketing companies and agencies that have a vertical strategy to be able to serve SMBs in a simple but impactful way. With efficiency being so critical for profitability, we saw the opportunity for technology to help a business scale instead of having to add specialists and account managers if you were trying to scale. The other opportunity we saw was that every time a campaign needed to be created there are so many different steps to take, regardless of the templates or scripts you have prepared, we knew we can do better.

We created Chassis so delivering hundreds and thousands of campaigns that create hundreds and thousands of ad groups, ads, keywords, ad sets, etc. can be done in a click of a button.

Chassis is the only tool that allows you to fulfill campaigns in Google Ads and Facebook in minutes.

Furthermore, it simplifies the process in such a way that anybody can create those campaigns. The entire process of creating very detailed, granular, localized campaigns becomes just a process of answering simple questions about the SMB’s offering and it is done in minutes. Whether it is your account managers, salespeople, or the client themselves the questions are guided in such a way that it is a very simple process to get it up and running. While tools like MatchCraft or Kenshoo simplify tasks for a very hefty price but you still have to take as many steps as you would in Google or Facebook, we wanted to build tools thought for scalability.

We asked ourselves, what is the task that takes the longest? It is to create all the structures in Google and Facebook, so to scale, we needed to make the task of creation, much faster. We build faster than any tool in the market because that is the task that takes the longest.

What is the second task? Refresh ads, therefore we automate refreshing ads and you get the gesture. So we take the tasks that take the most time and make them very simple to execute for a fraction of the cost of other tools.

Automation Does Not Mean Cookie-Cutter

However, that does not mean that you get cookie-cutter ads. Through our unique template manager, you can take advantage of best practices while you are still in control and you can create very granular and unique ads that speak in detail to the differentiation of your clients.

In addition, once the campaign is up and running, the same simple approach keeps working. For example, whenever you need to change strategy or focus, you simply change the answer to the questions and Chassis will do the rest. Through proprietary technology, Chassis performs detailed impacts that analyze what changed and will automatically apply the changes for you.