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Urban Gateways, a nonprofit in the art space, partnered with TangoCode to build an iOS and Android mobile application to increase the exposure of arts to 13 to 19-year-old teenagers through the Teen Arts Pass (TAP) directly from their mobile devices.

High Level Features:

  • Biometrics Sign-In
  • Teens Registration
  • Events Lists and Search/Filters
  • Integration with Calendar Events
  • Geofencing to Check-In inside Theaters
  • Integration with SalesForce
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Urban Gateways wanted to provide a user-friendly mobile app for their mappers: teenagers trained to collect data in their communities.

The main challenge for these apps to be successful was that the UX/UI experience had to be appealing for a mobile-first generation of teenagers from ages 13 to 19 years old.

Other technical challenges were:

TAPs manages all the enrollment through SalesForce so the mobile app needed to be integrated with SF to manage the signup to the app. Teenagers could only check-in to a show if they were physically in the show location. In order to guarantee that, we had to include a combination of micro-fences (Beacons) and geolocation solutions in the mobile app.


In a space that sees a high turnover on app installs, in order to guarantee this critical requirement, our designers met with teens from the TAP Teen Council for ideation and feedback. Having end-user feedback throughout the development process was extremely important for the ultimate success of the app. In a few short sprints, we built a robust, iPhone and Android-friendly mobile application with extensive features including a TAP (Teens Art Pass) program sign-up, a search function, filter, and view performance details, along with geofenced event check-ins.


TAP Mobile app for iOS and Android devices was successfully released with a rich and superb interface. Used by 10K teens. TAP Mobile app for iOS and Android devices was successfully released with a rich and superb interface and design resulting in high downloads and ratings.

Some of the key features are:

  • Favorite a show
  • TAP program sign-up
  • Geofenced event check-in
  • Search, filter and view performance details





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