Swap Me


SwapMe approached TangoCode to build out their entire solution from scratch. We took their idea, which was for a mobile app marketplace that allowed users to trade items with speed and ease, and developed a clean, intuitive platform that has become a fixture in markets across the US.

High Level Features:

  • Post Services & Goods
  • Search and Filter Services and Goods
  • Swap Services/Goods
  • Communicate with users
  • Notifications

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SwapMe wanted to create an application that allowed community members to exchange goods and services across their network. The main challenge was creating a product that enables these transactions in a faster, safer, and overall better way.


A mobile application for iPhone and Android devices was created. The focus was to have a very user friendly application that allows users to swap items pretty quickly.


SwapMe was incredibly impressed with their new application and interface. The app has gone live, and it has been getting a ton of traction in the markets in which it has been launched.


React Native


AWS Cloud Computing


API Gateway

AWS Lambdas

AWS DynamoDB

AWS Cognito

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