Real Estate Ads at Scale


Rent, a leading digital marketing solutions company for the rental industry, created an automated platform that builds Google Search Ads to increase traffic and lead acquisition to the property websites of their clients: rental property management companies.

High Level Features:

  • Salesforce Integration
  • Automatic Facebook Leads Ads creation
  • Fully automated product live in less than 24 hrs
  • Ads Previews sent to client by email without human intervention
  • Stop and Start of campaigns based on Salesforce Orders
$5 MM
Generated in first year of product launch
x2 CTR
On ads compared to industry average
Reduction in Google ads campaign creation time


Rent. had an extensive amount of rental market data available to target in-market renters, but they didn’t have the tools in place for their clients to generate leads at scale and use that data to deliver valuable Google and Facebook products for their clients. They wanted a way to make this data actionable and in a way that wouldn’t incur too many human hours or costs. The solution needed to be tailored to individuals of all different backgrounds, including people without any prior digital marketing or advertising experience.


TangoCode built a custom platform that is a standalone solution which allows Rent. specialists’ to create relevant ads with a high degree of personalization for each property based on Rent.'s data, all while minimizing time and reducing room for human error. The result is more effective search campaigns and, most importantly, more leads for their clients compared to the offerings of other general digital marketing agencies. We built two simple-to-use and simple-to-sell products that activate ads at scale and connect with in-market renters on their preferred communication platforms.


First MVP (Facebook) was completed in 3 months and generated $5m in revenue within the first year. The second MVP (Google Express) was also finished within 3 months.Rent.’s platform has given them the ability to create highly-targeted, relevant ads at scale to in-market renters at the exact time of their search. The combination of their data and innovative use of technology has given them the ability to accomplish what others can not, solidifying their position as market leaders.


AWS Cloud Computing

Lambda Step Functions

Microservices architecture

API Gateway

AWS DynamoDB

Aurora (MySQL)




React js


Tangocode was pivotal in building the infrastructure/backbone for a scalable automated solution that started with no clients and today supports thousands of customers.