PLS Auto


PLS, a leader in the FinTech space, needed a new customer-facing web application for their car dealerships that integrated seamlessly with their inventory management system. We were able to build them a scalable, user-friendly application that supports their various brick-and-mortar locations. As a result, their sales increased by 75% on average across all of their dealerships.

High Level Features:

  • Responsive
  • Support multiple dealerships
  • Integration with their inventory management
Car sales increase since the site was launched
MAU (Monthly active users) within 2 months
Seconds to add a car to inventory, previously it took 30 min.


PLS had two challenges to solve that were impacting sales.

The first was that PLS was having to manually integrate their Automotive Management Service (AMS) of their inventory into the website. This wasted a ton of time and led to inconsistencies across the website and a broken experience for their customers.

The second challenge was that most of PLS’s customers access their services from mobile devices. However, the old website was not designed to support multiple screen sizes which resulted in poorly displayed images, high drop-off rates, low engagement and impacting sales.


TangoCode built and its CMS (Content Management System) from scratch with the vision of responsive design to make this site work and look great regardless the device you were using. The solution also took into account the ability to show users content and inventory depending of users location since the site supports multiple dealerships across the country.


The result of an easy to use responsive design brought over 10,000 active users within 60 days, increased traffic on mobile use by 20% ultimately increasing their car sales by 75%. Following the success of the web app, operationally the company was also able to save significant time to scale their operations by reducing the time from adding a car to their inventory by 99%, down from 30 minutes per vehicle to 5 seconds.


React js


Azure Cloud Computing

Microservices architecture

Azure Cosmos DB

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