Idea Lab


Aprimo suffered from a partitioned workflow that made any collaborative effort across digital channels incredibly cumbersome. Within 5 months of project inception, we launched IdeaLab, a platform that enabled teams to brainstorm, share documents, and record progress within a centralized hub. Shortlythereafter, IdeaLab earned Aprimo the Forrester Strong Performer recognition.

High Level Features:

  • Multitenant Architecture
  • Login/Security
  • Ideas Calendar View
  • Ideas List View
  • Idea & Plan Creation
  • Integration with internal systems
  • PDF creator

Increased in campaigns opted into
“Strong performer” recognition achieved


Aprimo needed to streamline the brainstorming process for creative groups by organizing ideas from whiteboards, shared documents, & meetings to collaborate on campaign execution.


We developed Idea Lab SaaS platform for Aprimo called IdealLab.


IdeaLab MVP was launched in less than 5 months, and it immediately achieved Forrester leader recognition within 6 months of launch.


Azure Cloud Computing

Azure functions

Azure blob

Azure Cosmos DB

As the first Marketing Network that allows companies to connect with their partner ecosystem, our technology is our life. TangoCode was quickly able to understand our business and worked with us. The UI is stunning and the build and execution are extraordinary…a real testament to their world-class skills.