Hyperlocal Community Asset Data


MapsCorps, a Chicago-based non-profit, partnered with TangoCode to help engage over 8,000 registered teenagers with the arts through a mobile-friendly app integrated with Salesforce. We developed a highly appealing UX/UI solution that met the standards of a highly tech-savvy and mobile-first generation.

High Level Features:

  • PowerBI reports
  • Trigger survey after map a place
  • Mobile app for mapping places
  • Assign places to mappers team
  • Manage mappers and teams
  • Advance searching and filtering Places
  • Login / Security (Custom roles and permissions)
  • Import places in batch & Export places to CVS file

Faster response time achieved for administrators
Accuracy in data collection
High adoption of the mobile app by young adult users


MapsCorps wanted to provide 8,000+ registered teens with a mobile friendly solution to increase engagement with the arts while also being able to integrate with Salesforce. The key to success was that the UX/UI experience had to be appeal to a mobile-first generation, ages 13 - 19.


We created a sophisticated Mobile app for iOS & Android devices that was successfully released with a teen-friendly, rich interface.


The new app was launched and served an audience of thousands of teens within the first few months. The application has resulted in accurately mapping the locations of those users with 100% accuracy and at a significantly faster rate, regardless of internet availability.


Azure Cloud Computing

Microservices architecture



Azure SQL DB


Azure functions

Azure blob

Azure App Service

API Gateway

React Native

PowerBI Integration

Google Maps Integration

TangoCode’s work was very thorough, and success for the apps bode well. Customers can expect an organized team that goes the extra mile to understand their clients’ requirements.