Design Studio Creator


DealerOn noticed the massive amount of time their users were wasting on designing creative assets for their advertising and enlisted TangoCode to help alleviate the burden. We produced an automated SaaS tool that allows users without any design experience to create pristine, captivating assets within minutes.

High Level Features:

  • Template creation from a PSD file
  • Select & Describe Templates
  • Editing Features:
    - Resize, Rotate objects
    - Font changes
    - Object Alignment
    - Import Images
    - Add Shapes
    - Zoom In/Out, etc.
    - Bulk Actions
    - Eye Droppers
    - Canvas grids
  • Export Designs
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DealerOn noticed that a lot of their clients were wasting too much time redesigning their ads. They wanted to give their users (none of whom are designers or photoshop savvy) a tool that allows them to change designs quicker and more easily while maintaining dealership compliances rules.


A SaaS Design Editor (AKA Design Studio) was created from scratch tailored to the needs of DealerOn after a Buy vs Build assessment was complete.


Non-designers have created thousands of new designs and templates. The next step is to put this amazing product in the hands of dealerships.


Azure Cloud Computing

Microservices architecture



React js

Azure Cosmos DB

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