DealerOn Listing Manager


DealerOn's clients were having difficulty with their CMS feeding into their Google Business Profiles. This delayed the process of updating offers, creating new categories, and guaranteeing accurate location information. We created a WebApp that seamlessly integrated the two disparate systems so information could flow directly from one to the other and update listings real-time.

High Level Features:

  • Manage Reviews
  • Information syncing between the website and GBP (make a change on your site via the DealerOn CMS and your GBP listing is updated). 

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Dealerships wanted the ability to create categories for their departments, post offers already existing in DealerOn tools, and ensure that their location information is seamlessly updated in GBP (Google Business Profile) upon updating in DealerOn CMS.


A WebApp integrated with DealerOn CMS was created. With this product, a dealer or a DealerOn team member can use the information already existing in DealerOn solutions such as CMS and EMS to optimize listings management in GBP/Chatmeter.


Over a thousand offers have been sent to different engines since the product’s launch.


Azure Cloud Computing

Microservices architecture



React js

Azure Cosmos DB

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