Water Usage IoT Device App


Metropolitan failed with a previous consulting company in launching a mobile application that could support multiple products. The challenge was to regain trust and release a mobile application that manages IoT devices promptly.

High Level Features:

  • Payments
  • Devices Dashboard
  • Push Notifications
  • Support Web Portal
  • Add Hub Devices and Smart Valve Devices
  • Open and Closing Smart Valves
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Metropolitan Industries, a major manufacturing company out of Illinois, recognized that their existing customer portal was severely outdated and was wasting a massive amount of water in the process. This led to a great deal of customer dissatisfaction and negatively impacted retention.

Prior to commissioning TangoCode, they had tried and failed with a previous consulting company in launching a mobile application. This presented two challenges: the first was regaining the trust of their team to implement new technology after having been burnt the first time around; and the second was building an application that could update across thousands of connected devices in real-time so as to work properly.


Our IoT and Mobile Dev experts assessed the situation and were able to create a solution that supports and connects several devices (Ex: Smart Pumps, Smart Valves etc) they offer through our new mobile app. This new infrastructure allowed for instantaneous updates.


We implemented an easy-to-use Android and iOS mobile app that worked seamlessly with their existing workflow. This led to quick adoption by their customers and countless dollars saved.

With a much better and more efficient customer experience to offer, Metropolitan displayed this new product at their largest customer conferences, promptly leading to over a dozen new clients.


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